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Welcome to IQ Study! This is an encyclopedia of trading where you can find helpful tips and strategies, market overviews, indicator explanations and a lot more. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced trader, you will find materials according to your preferences.

Read this guide and save it to your bookmarks to always find the necessary trading information in just a couple of clicks. This guide provides an insight into what the website has to offer. Of course, there are a lot more articles than this: just check the tags on the right side for more useful tips.

First steps

If you are new to trading and don’t know where to start, it might be a good idea to get acquainted with different trading instruments first. To understand how to trade, you may check our guides on each of them:

Check each of the tags to find many more articles, specific to each instrument type: Forex, Binary Options, Stocks, Digital Options, Crypto.

Registering a trading account

Once you have an idea what trading instruments are out there, it might be time to register an account with one of the brokers out there. Of course, before registering, it is important to read about the conditions different brokers provide, the procedures of deposit, withdrawal and verification. Check our articles on the topic:

More information and answers for frequently asked questions are available with the FAQ tag.

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Technical analysis, patterns & indicators

After registering an account, it is time to practice. However, trading should never be based on guesses — this is where technical analysis comes in handy. Technical Analysis is asset evaluation, which is based on market statistics and historical price data.

Understanding the basics should always come first:

Read about technical indicators to understand how they work and what strategies might work well with them in the Indicators section. Here are the highlights of our collection:

In the Strategies tab you will find ready-to-apply strategies and patterns with examples:

Explore many more articles with tips and tricks in the Strategies and Indicators tags on the right side of your screen.

Market analysis & signals

Another type of analysis — fundamental analysis — suggests looking at the economic news to analyze the state of a certain asset. This approach can be used on its own or combined with technical analysis for best results.

To learn how to apply this type of analysis, follow the Fundamental Analysis tag, or check the highlights of this section:

If you are looking for market analysis examples and the latest information on certain assets, check our Signals tag. There you will find professional market overviews, for example:

Trading tips

Sometimes it’s just a little nugget of information that you lack to really improve your strategy. The Trading Tips tag combines all of the most useful information that could help you significantly enhance your trading.

Risk management

It is always easier to keep your funds safe and cut risks than to try regaining all of your lost money after taking a risk. Money management is an important part of any responsible trader’s trading strategy.

Read our tips for building a risk management approach in the Risk Management tag and below:

The article is updated when new key materials come out. We hope you find IQ Study extremely helpful and return here anytime you need some help!

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