Vortex is an original yet very simple binary options trading strategy, which сould be of interest to instant trading fans. The strategy got its name after the indicator used in it. In fact, the strategy involves two indicators: the main one and the supporting one to filter out the noise.

Strategy highlights

Indicators used: Vortex, True Strength Indicator (TSI)

Timeframe: 1 minute

The strategy is suitable for beginners because it is easy to understand and use. You will see 2 pairs of lines on the chart: 

  • The Vortex indicator lines indicate uptrend and downtrend. 
  • The TSI indicator lines are used to identify the strength of the price impulse.

As soon as the lines in both pairs cross, you can make a prediction in a second.



How to apply the Vortex strategy on the IQ Option platform

  1. Select an asset that you’d like to trade by clicking the + button in the upper left corner.  
  1. Specify the investment amount.
  1. Choose the expiration time – 1 minute.
  1. Click on the Indicators icon in the bottom left corner and select the Vortex and TSI indicators. 

Once applied, you’ll see the lines on your chart, below the price action.

How to read the signals

The indicators have red and blue lines. You need to wait until these lines intersect in both indicators — either simultaneously or one following another right away. 

  • When the blue lines go up and the red ones go down, it’s a signal to buy an option for a rise in the price. Click the Higher button.

  • When the blue lines go down and the red ones go up, it’s a signal to buy an option for a fall in the price, which means you need to click the Lower button.

So, all you need to do is watch when the intersection of the lines occurs, and open a corresponding type of order before the purchase deadline as shown in the example below:

Example of a winning trade following the Vortex strategy

Feel free to test the strategy out using the Practice balance on the IQ Option platform.

Trade now

Warning: remember that none of the existing strategies can give you a 100% win rate. Sometimes the Vortex strategy can give misleading signals too. Make sure to never invest more than you are ready to lose and to include risk management tools in every strategy.