IQ Option is an international broker that covers hundreds of countries. However, conditions may vary from region to region. This article will focus on the most common questions about the broker’s performance in India — particularly on payment methods, regulation, instruments, etc.

Does IQ Option work in India?

First things first: is it even possible to open an IQ Option account from India? The answer is yes — if you live in this region, you are eligible to sign up for free and utilize the broker’s services in full. 

However, many traders wonder: is IQ Option legal in India? No need to worry: the company legally provides services to residents of India. IQ Option has been operational since 2013, and many traders that registered an account from India are using the platform without any issues. If you want to delve into details, all the legal information can be found in the Company’s Terms and Conditions.

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How to get started?

New traders can register an account for free and test the ground on the Demo account. It comes with a $10,000 dummy amount — you can use it to practice strategies and get a feel of the Traderoom. 

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Once you’re ready to go real, you can switch to the Real balance, make a deposit, and open a real trade. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the IQ Option support team via live chat or email. The broker offers support in multiple languages, including Hindi.  

What’s the IQ Option minimum deposit in India?

The minimum deposit amount is $10 or 740 INR. The available account currencies for India-based traders are USD, INR, GBP, and EUR. Note that you can only set your account currency once, so make sure to choose the currency you’re willing to deposit and withdraw in later.  

The minimum investment amount starts from as little as $1 (74 INR), which makes trading with IQ Option in India easy for everyone. 

What markets can you trade on IQ Option India? 

Forex Over 30 currency pairs: from majors to exotics. Leverage up to 1:1000
Binary options20+ options on major currencies and stocks.Up to 95-99% profit
Digital options An alternative options type with increased profit potential.Up to 900% profit
CFDs on stocksStocks of almost 200 companies: Big Tech, energy, consumer staples, etc.Leverage up to 1:20
CommoditiesOil, gold, and platinum.Leverage up to 1:150
CryptocurrenciesPopular cryptocurrencies and coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, and more.Leverage up to 1:100
ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds)Many different assets in bulk — over 20 packages available.Leverage up to 1:20

How to deposit?

Once you’re ready to enter the live market, just switch to the Real account and deposit real money.

There are various deposit methods available in India:

  1. Netbanking and UPI, allowing you to make a transfer from your Indian bank account to your IQ Option account. Such transfers are made within 1-3 business days.
  2. RuPay. These transactions are also processed within 1-3 business days.
  3. Bank card (Visa / Mastercard). The transfer is carried out instantly.
  4. E-wallets: AdvCash, Neteller, Perfect Money, Skrill, WebMoney, GlobPay. This is the fastest way to replenish your account — the money will land on your IQ Option account in a couple of minutes.

Disclaimer: Note that in some cases, certain payment systems may be unavailable for traders. For example, the list of payment options may change depending on the region, or some methods may not be available for internal reasons.

The details of the account replenishing procedure are described in this article. In short, you need to click on the “Deposit” button, select a payment method, enter the deposit amount, select currency, and click “Continue”. After that, you need to fill in the payment details and send a request. You can track the status of your deposit on the Deposit page.

How to trade in India?

So (dramatic drum roll), you are on the IQ Option platform, ready to open your first trade. What do you need to know?

First of all, check out the IQ Option FAQ section. There, you will find detailed information on the technical side of trading: deposits / withdrawals, account verification, trading instruments, etc. FAQ is available from the Help section of the website. On top of that, you can check our FAQ for detailed explanations.

If you are a novice trader, then you are probably most concerned about other questions: how charts work, how to analyze them, how to choose a winning strategy, which indicators to use, and how to make the correct predictions. We recommend checking the Video Tutorials section of the Traderoom. You will find short training videos on binary and digital options, Forex, CFD and crypto, fundamental and technical analysis basics, etc.

Here, on this blog, you can also find a lot of useful information about trading. We have detailed descriptions of popular indicators and strategies, signals, trading tips, and more. 

How to withdraw?

At IQ Option, India-based traders can withdraw their profit without commissions once a month. Note that some withdrawal fees may apply on the payment system’s side, though. Withdrawals can be made via international and local payment systems.

For IQ Option India withdrawal, it is important to consider 2 points:

1) Withdrawal method depends on the deposit method;

2) Withdrawal requires account verification.

Regarding the first point — if you deposited, for example, from a bank card, then your only option is to withdraw the initial deposit amount to that same card. The reason is that the withdrawal is processed as a return. So, you can withdraw the total deposit amount made in the last 90 days. Similarly, if you made a deposit from an e-wallet, you need to withdraw back to it.

And how to withdraw the rest of the money, i.e., your profit? For this, you can use e-wallets, such as GlobePay, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, etc. 


The second important point is verification. Only a fully verified user has the right to withdraw — although trading is allowed even for non-verified users. You can find a complete guide to verification in this article. In a nutshell, you will need to send scans of your documents to prove your identity and verify your payment method.

You can request a withdrawal either in the Traderoom or in the Withdrawals section of the website. IQ Option usually processes such requests within 3 business days. If you withdraw money to a card, IQ Option immediately transfers the amount to your bank account, yet it might take up to 21 days before it’s credited. 

IQ Option sets minimal restrictions on withdrawals: you can withdraw any amount bigger than $2. 

What’s the best time to trade IQ Option in India?

Best trading hours vary depending on the chosen instrument. For example, EUR/USD or Big Tech stock traders must sync their working hours with the New York Exchange hours: Monday – Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Eastern time). For Mumbai, for example, that would be 8:00 p.m. – 2:30 a.m. However, the best time really depends on the trader’s strategy and there is no “perfect” trading time suitable for everyone 


IQ Option is a broker that has been operating in India for a while, offering its users beneficial trading conditions and a wide variety of trading instruments. Not only it accepts traders from India but also offers a localized platform, educational materials, and customer support in Hindi. 

The broker works with popular international and local payment systems, including Netbanking, UPI, and RuPay. All in all, easy payments, a low minimum deposit of $10 (740 INR), and an intuitive trading interface make IQ Option a good choice for India-based traders. 

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