After some time testing the platform features, you will have to go through IQ Option account verification before the first withdrawal. Have no fear — it will only take three documents, three days (moderation included), and you only need to do it once. After that, your relationship with the broker will become official, and you’ll unlock its full functionality.  

Questions answered in this article:

  1. What information has to be confirmed?
  2. What are the requirements for documents?
  3. How to pass the IQ Option verification step by step? 
  4. How to verify the account if you’re off for a long trip or live in another country?
  5. What are the common mistakes to avoid?

What information is needed for the IQ Option account verification? 

IQ Option takes security seriously. After the registration, you will be asked to provide the following data:

Email, phone number, and general information verification are enough to make the first deposit and trade

However, when you decide to make the first withdrawal, you’ll have to complete the next step: proof of identity, which implies ID, card, and optionally, address verification. 

8 steps to verify IQ Option account

Here’s a complete walkthrough on how to pass the IQ Option verification successfully.

Step 1. Log in to your account 

In the account menu on the right, click on Verify email address or Verification. 

You will be redirected to the verification page with the list of steps to take. 

Step 2. Verify your email 

Enter the email address in the box and proceed to your inbox to copy the verification code. Go back to the verification page and enter the code into the box. 

This email address will be linked to your account and used for all sorts of confirmations, newsletters, and important updates, so make sure to use your own email. 

Step 3. Verify your phone number

Enter your phone number and use the confirmation code to verify it. 

Make sure to use your actual phone number. Don’t use the numbers of your friends or relatives. Remember — when you register someone else’s number instead of your own, you are breaking the broker’s rules. 

You can skip email and phone verification and get back to them later (although phone number verification is advisable to be able to turn on the two-factor authentication). However, the following steps are obligatory — without them, the verification won’t be confirmed. 

Step 4. Verify personal information

In this block of the IQ Option account verification, you need to provide general information about yourself: name, country, address, etc. Make sure to enter the actual address that you’ll be able to confirm later (read more on the address verification requirements in step 7).

All sensitive data that you share with the broker is kept in strict confidence. No data can ever be disclosed to third parties. 

Step 5. Verify your identity 

The broker has to check your ID to make sure that you are trading on your behalf and taking full responsibility for it. In order to verify IQ Option account, three types of documents may be accepted.

  • Passport
  • ID
  • Driver’s license

The documents must be valid and issued in your name. Verification specialists on the broker’s side thoroughly check the validity of the incoming submitted IDs. Providing fake documents might lead to an instant ban. 

Make sure to follow the requirements for the documents:

  • A clear image that shows your name and photo
  • Non-cropped
  • Non-damaged
  • Non-expired
  • No watermarks/drawings

Watch the video for more information.

Step 6. Verify bank card 

This step of the IQ Option verification proves that you own the card that you use for transactions. 

The card must be issued in your name — this is how the broker knows you’re trading on your behalf. Using third-party cards is forbidden to prevent money laundering. 

You will need to send a copy of both sides of the card. It must contain your name and be clearly visible. For security’s sake, you need to cover your CVV code on the back and 6 digits of the card number before sending the copy:

1234 56XX XXXX 3456 

For more information, check out the article on the card verification process

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Step 7 (optional). Verify address 

In some cases, you might be asked to link your account with a certain physical place. It’s not an obligatory step, but the broker might request it at some point as a part of the IQ Option account verification.

To pass this step, you need to send a copy of one of the following documents:

  1. Bank/credit card account statement 
  2. A utility bill 
  3. A document from your local municipality confirming that you live where you live 
  4. Tax statement
Whichever option you choose to submit, make sure that it has your name and address on it. It must be clear and legible, with the organization logo and its official stamp or seal. The document must be no older than 6 months.

If you own some property, a utility bill will be the easiest option. Use gas, water, or a phone bill with your name and address. 

If you don’t own a house or an apartment, you can opt for a bank or tax statement. 

Unlike a utility bill, everyone can get a bank or tax statement — because everyone has a card and a taxpayer number. The statement should contain:

  • Your full name; 
  • full residential address; 
  • stamp and signature of the employee who issued the certificate. 

Note that some banks may issue certificates that are not accepted for verification because they don’t include the address in the paper. If that’s your case, you may request your bank to specify the address in the bank statement according to your special request. 

Step 8. Wait for confirmation

It might take up to 3 business days for the broker’s specialists to approve your request for IQ Option account verification. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to use the platform’s full functionality, including withdrawals. You can check the verification status in your account. 

A note for those who travel or relocate

You can use your IQ Option account for trading from anywhere in the world (except non-serviced countries). However, in case you stay outside your country for more than 6 months, you’d have to register another account and complete the IQ Option verification process again. 

Having an account registered in the relevant country is convenient for a trader too. This way, they’ll be able to access local payment options and have an overall better trading experience. 

Useful tips before you start

IQ Option account verification is intuitive and normally doesn’t take much time. The only thing left is to warn you against some of the mistakes new traders often make while verifying their documents.

Familiarize yourself with the guidelines for submitting the photos

ColoredBlack and white
Clearly visibleBlurry, obscured with objects or glare reflections
Up to 8 GBOver 8 GB

Don’t postpone 

IQ Option account verification is a mandatory process — eventually, you’ll have to do it anyway. Do not procrastinate. The best option is to go through it right away, before funding your account. This way, when the time of the first withdrawal comes, you’ll be 100% ready and cash out without complications.  

Keep it honest

Don’t register on behalf of your friend, your mom, or whoever else, no matter how close you are. This is a direct violation of the broker’s rules. Therefore, the account may be banned. 

Bottom line

All traders need to go through a fairly serious IQ Option verification procedure to ensure the safety of their funds. In order to start trading, you only need to confirm your email, address, and some basic personal data. To withdraw your profit, you have to confirm your identity and payment documents. To complete this, you will need an identity document, proof of residence, and bank card information.

Having difficulties with the documents? Contact our 24/7 Support team via live chat or at, and they will figure out a solution for your case. 

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