With so many brokers offering trading services, it can be difficult to choose the best one for you. One factor you should consider is whether a broker is available in your country. IQ Option is one of the larger global brokers that has traders from all over the world. In this article, we will cover how you can trade on IQ Option in Peru: local deposit methods, IQ Option download, traderoom features, binary options trading and much more. Let’s dive in!

IQ Option in Peru: Deposit Methods

There are different deposit options available to traders depending on their location. So it’s important need to provide correct personal information during the sign-up process. 

For instance, traders of IQ Option in Peru can choose from over 15 deposit methods, including bank cards, digital wallets and Bitcoin. Here are the most popular options among IQ Option traders in Peru.

Popular deposit methods among traders of IQ Option in Peru

IQ Option Minimum Deposit in Peru

IQ Option trading is available to investors from different backgrounds. Both experienced traders with large capital and beginners with small funds can start trading on IQ Option right away. The minimum deposit is only $10 or an equivalent in your account currency.

Traders of IQ Option in Peru can also make a deposit in their local currency, which will be automatically converted to their account currency. In this case, the minimum deposit amount would be 40 PEN for most payment options. One exception is Bitcoin, where the minimum deposit is 200 PEN. However, Bitcoin is not available as the first payment method: you can deposit with Bitcoin only after using a different method for the first payment.

The minimum trade amount is only $1, so even a small investment may be a good place to begin your trading journey. If you don’t have a lot of trading experience yet, you can start by trading on the free demo account. It is unlimited, so you may use it to test new strategies and gain valuable trading experience risk-free as long as you need before moving on to real funds.

Demo account on IQ Option

IQ Option Download

IQ Option trading platform can be accessed on different devices: you can use the web version or download IQ Option desktop app for Windows and MacOs to trade on your laptop. If you prefer having quick access to the traderoom on your phone, download the IQ Option mobile app for Android or iOS. Check the compatibility of your devices beforehand to make sure the apps will work correctly.

iphone app iq option download iphone app iq option download

How to Trade on IQ Option?

There are nearly 300 assets from different categories, such as binary options, digital options, CFDs on Forex, stocks, crypto, commodities, indices and ETFs. 

Binary Options 

Binary options are among the most popular instruments for short-term traders. This is because they involve short timeframes and are focused on fast results. Most binary options strategies are quite straightforward: traders just need to decide whether the asset price will go up or down during a certain period of time. The timeframes usually vary from 1 minute to 1 month, with the minimum trade amount starting from as little as $1.  

The potential profit of each selected asset is calculated before you open a trade. When you enter the investment amount, you’ll be able to check the potential profit before entering into a deal.

An example of the trading conditions for a binary options trade

If the trade closes in profit, you’ll get this fixed amount — up to 95% of your initial investment, sometimes even higher than that. The maximum amount of loss is also fixed, so if the deal doesn’t go your way, you’ll lose the entire invested amount. 

Digital Options

With Digital Options, traders try to predict not only on the direction of the price movement (higher or lower), but also how much the price will change over the selected time period.

Traders start by choosing a strike price. The closing price must exceed the strike price for the trade to close in profit. The farther the strike price from the current price level, the higher the potential profit – it can reach 900% from the initial investment. However, the same is true for the risk: it also grows with the distance between the current price level and the chosen strike price.

CFDs (Contract for difference)

With CFD trading, you can make deals with different assets without buying them. IQ Option offers trading Commodities, Crypto, Stocks and ETFs as CFDs, which involves smaller investments than if you were to buy the actual assets. This is useful for traders who want to diversify their portfolios and trade a variety of assets with small funds.

Similarly to binary options, traders make a prediction about the potential price change. If they think the price will go higher, they open a long (“Buy”) position. If they predict that the price will go lower, they open a short position (“Sell”).  When a prediction is correct, they can make a profit. In case of a wrong prediction, they may close a position at a loss. 

An example of the trading conditions for a CFD trade on crude oil WTI

To get the most from the IQ Option trading, you can adjust the traderoom interface the way you want. Traders can set up keyboard shortcuts and menu items, pick a different traderoom themes and create notification alerts for their trades. The IQ Option trading platform is also available in 17 languages, including English and Spanish. 

Traderoom settings on IQ Option

How to Trade Better?

Achieving great trading results often requires time and practice. However, you can get some advantage by learning about the most effective tools and strategies from the start. When trading on IQ Option, you get access to educational materials for traders with different levels of knowledge and experience. They include free webinars with trading experts, video tutorials on technical indicators, binary options strategies and trading tips on the Youtube channel in Spanish, a trading blog, weekly newsletters with market updates, and much more. 

For instance, here is a video on how to trade binary options in Spanish.

You can also watch trading video tutorials right from the traderoom in different languages, including English and Spanish.

Video tutorials on IQ Option trading platform

In Conclusion

IQ Option is an international broker with traders from different countries. To make trading more convenient, users can customize the trading platform by choosing an interface language, setting notifications and shortcuts. Traders can also test new strategies and improve their technique by trading on the free demo account and exploring trading video tutorials on YouTube and in the traderoom. And when they are ready to start trading with real funds, traders of IQ Option in Peru can choose a suitable deposit method and begin trading even from small investment.

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